Saturday, November 01, 2003

argh, i just typed a long post and then somehow lost it! i was trying to tell y'all about how lame our last halloween as non-parents was.

we were supposed to go to a couple of parties with jack. whlie he and judith went to the castro, we turned on The Shining and got dressed up. Erik was Steve Bartman, the worst Cub fan in the world, and I wore my Chinese qipao as, i guess, a chinese bride. funny thing is last time i tried to wear it, several years ago, it was too tight, but not it fits despite being tight across the chest and stomach. cause of the weight i've lost. i think i weight less now than i did when we got married.
anyway, we were all dressed up and sat down to watch the 2nd half of the shining, and jack wasn't calling. erik hadn't wanted to go to the castro because it was raining on his drive home -- seems like the first rainy night of the year is ALWAYS halloween. i figured, fine, because i was going to be wearing high heels and i didn't want to get too tired out. but by the time jack did call to say he was on his way to the party, it was 10:30, and we were just taking off our costumes to go to bed. so we dressed up and never left the house. lame! lame! lame!

i told the people at work about being pregnant this week. all very happy for me. i thought word would get around much more effectively than it did; i ended up having to tell most people myself and probably some still don't know. guess not everyone is as gossippy as i am, or maybe it's just not such fascinating info to everyone.

morning sickness totally gone but i don't feel that blooming of well being you're supposed to feel in the 2nd tri. i'm at 15 weeks. i still get exhausted, and now i'm getting headaches for which i could take tylenol but haven't. still can only eat tiny meals or else i feel sick and bloated. am currently resting on couch after tiring morning of housework. can't keep up with this place. am working overtime sunday, a whole shift -- maybe if this becomes every week i'll hire letty to come clean the apartment. but i want to save money for maternity leave. don't know what to do.

terrible dream last night. dreamt that doctors had to take the baby out now -- 6 mos early -- and had it at the hospital in an incubator. that explained why i wasn't gaining weight -- the baby wasn't in there! then they sent me a postcard to say baby had been transferred to another hospital, but no info about what doctor, how to visit. i was crying in my dream.

in better news, we found out 2004 is year of the monkey. monkey, monkey! so that's what we call the baby now.

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