Friday, November 28, 2003

19 weeks

IT'S A GIRL!!!!! We had the ultrasound Wednesday and everything looks good. Good heart, good spine, kidneys, and little labia. The ultrasound tech said there was no doubt at all about the sex.
Erik was both funny and very annoying during the ultrasound. We got there at 8 a.m. and i had to strip down, put on a gown, and get on a table that was kind of like a big recliner. The first thing Erik says, to the tech, is "This must be either the happiest or the saddest job." "Uh ... yeah," she says. I was kind of nervous, waiting to be reassured that everything was all right with the baby, and that comment didn't really help.
The tech squirted some heated gel on my stomach and put the scanner on it -- a handheld thing about the size of a remote control. But she kep the monitor facing away from me. So I had to keep watching her and Erik's faces, hoping they woudn't grimace in horror or anything like that. She started saying, there's the heart, etc., and Erik jumped right in -- is that the stomach? "That's the bladder," she told him. "Everything look ok?" I asked. "Yep, everything looks perfect," she told me, and gave me a sympathetic look. "You just worry so much, don't you?"
Then she checked things out in detail, counting the chambers of the heart (there were 4), finding the kidneys and lungs, etc. Sometimes her face got really serious and she got quiet, and i'd get nervous again and finally have to ask, "everything ok?" She was just concentrating on the stuff she had to check, and all the while moving the scanner around to follow the baby as she moved around.
Finally she asked, do you want to know the sex? We said yes. Are you sure? Yes. Are you ready? Yes, yes!
It's a little girl.
I just kind of caught my breath and tears came to my eyes. I still get a little thrill every time i think of it. Then she turned the monitor and showed us a view of the baby from behind, her legs facing up. "Those little white lines mean those are labia," the tech told us.
Then with the screen facing me she gave a little tour, showing the baby's head, the umbilical cord, her little legs, the heart pulsing in the chest, the spine.
"Perfect baby," she said.
She also had to check my cervix to see if it was big enough, and she wasn't satisfied with the first check so she had to switch to a different scanner. I was a little nervous waiting for that because I knew if i had an incompetent cervix i would end up on bed rest and have trouble carrying the baby to term. But I didn't think that would be the case because I haven't had any bleeding. And sure enough, she said my cervix looked fine.
Then she checked out my ovaries.
"Haven't you always wanted to see my ovaries?" I asked Erik.
"Well, you've already seen my gonads, It's about time," he said.
"What?" the tech asked.
I just told erik, "shut up!" and told her, "nothing." i just about died, but i was laughing too.
"perfect pregnancy," she said, and went to show the results to the doctor who had to sign off on it.
dr. Kamali wasn't in, so a Dr. Goldstein came down. She wanted to get a better image of the baby's head but my bladder was too full and it was blocking her view. ("i never realized your bladder is right next to your uterus," erik told me later. i was like, yeah, duh, why do you think i have to go to the bathroom all the time?)
so the doctor sent me across the hall to pee before she finished up. i asked if i should get dressed first. "No, just hold the gown closed to cover the booty," she said.
So she was ok. Since we don't know which doctor will be with us to deliver the baby, it was nice to meet one of the other doctors.
I couldn't really do much at work all day. I was too excited. The baby seems much more like a reality now that we've seen her, and that we know it's a girl. a daughter!

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