Monday, November 10, 2003

16 weeks

Had my 2nd doctor's appointment last week. I had been worried about my lack of weight gain (still haven't gained a single pound post-morning sickness) but I was very reassured when I heard the heartbeat again. It was much louder this time, and Dr. Kamali didn't have to move the Doppler around my abdomen in order to hear it. She just put the thing on my belly and bam! the heart was plugging away.
She told me to simply eat more. Easy for her to say. Now Erik is hovering over me constantly (when he's home at least) with a spoon full of something or other. I reread the "What to Eat When You're Expecting" diet and I saw that i'm not really eating enough protein. Maybe that's the problem. Did you know that you have to eight 6 tablespoons of peanut butter to get one serving of protein??? and don't think having an egg or 2 will put you in the clear. you need something like 3 egg yolks plus 2 egg whites for one serving.
then i thought i had tb, hehe. i bruise really easily, and when the nurse gave me a shot under the skin with the tb test stuff, i developed a bruise that was pink around the edges. i was supposed to call in the results, but when i called and said i couldn't tell if there was a reaction or not, they said i better come down there. that was friday, and i tried to finish work early, but i had a story and by the time i filed it, it was 3:15. i called the clinic and found out the nurse was leaving at 4. yikes! i dashed off a quick note to my editor, who was in a meeting, and grabbed a cab across town to the clinic, where i had to wait for the nurse for 10 minutes because she had gone to another building to get something. she took one look at my arm and told me the test was negative, and she ran her finger over it just to make sure there was no bump. another $11 cab ride back to the chron, and i was in my desk before my editor even came back from his meeting, so i could be there to go over my story with him.
tom at work, whose wife is also pregnant and who is pretty "alternative," have me a book about the family bed. it talked about how having your kids in bed with you the first few years is pretty much universal in all cultures except ours, and was universal in ours until about 100 years ago. erik and i already noticed that in little house on the prairie, set in the 1800s, the parents had the youngest child sleeping in bed with them, then the siblings shared a bed together. of course, they didn't heat their house at night, so it was pretty necessary! the book made me feel better about the fact that we don't have a separate room for the baby, since it made putting your kid in a separate room practically sound like child abuse. the book described the drive for separate beds and separate rooms as part of the "hands off," sterility parenting phase the West went through after they discovered germs. it's the same stuff that Deborah Blum's book, "Love at Goon Park," talks about. we are probably going to use a bassinette right next to the bed, but i don't know, i guess a lot of people end up feeling comfortable having their infant sleep in bed with them.

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