Monday, October 13, 2003

We told the grandparents this weekend! It was so much fun. We arrived home at about 7:30 a.m., and I put the hollow decorative pumpkin I'd brought on the kitchen table. But dad was still sleeping so I told mom she couldn't open it yet, and erik and i both hit the couches and slept for an hour. when i heard dad and ken get up, erik and i went in the kitchen and told them they could open it. Inside were dad's "Grandpa JIM" sweatshirt and mom's "grandma's brag book." My mom looked over and said "no!" but we said, "yes."
They said they had been discussing whether or not I could be pregnant because of the secret I told grandma nancy on the phone. but they thought i couldn't be because i had told them about rock climbing lately, and because i was drinking when i was home last.
they were so happy. my mom couldn't stop planning and talking about it -- she's going to come out here for a couple weeks when we have the baby. at the end of the night, after Matt and Susan's wedding, my dad said that maybe he'd take an annual leave day friday so he could shop for baby stuff. that's how excited they are.
but between grandma being sick, the cubs headed for the world series, and everything else, and then our news, they were also totally overwhelmed. my dad kept saying, it's just the most emotional time.
Erik's parents are very excited too. Janice kept telling everyone we met, including the hostess at the restaurant. Atis was anxious for us to call Julia and Nicole and telling them so he could tell his golfing buddy Tom Pluster. He was afraid that Tom's daughter would mention it to Julia before we told her otherwise, and he knew Julia would be mad. hehe.

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