Friday, October 03, 2003

The official food of this pregnancy is the cheese and tomato sandwich. Whole wheat bread, cheddar cheese, and tomatoes that i keep in my hanging wire basket by the window for about a week before using. Mmmm.
Been taking a nap at work almost every afternoon, on the couch in the women's lounge. I always wake up exactly half an hour after I lie down. Unfortunately that bathroom is right next to the conference rooms where the editors have their meetings, so if any of them recognize me on the way in, they probably think i'm a big slacker. Well, I am, but I do have the pregnancy excuse. Haven't told anyone at work yet. 11 weeks as of today, and not showing at all, haven't gained back any of the weight i lost during morning sickness. So I guess there's no reason to tell yet, although it's getting harder to keep from saying anything. It's just such a big part of my life.
Erik and I are going to a baby store tomorrow :) We are still looking for a grandpa gift to give his dad.

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