Wednesday, September 17, 2003

Almost 9 weeks:
Every time I think the morning sickness is winding down, it kicks into high gear. I haven't gone climbing in a week and a half. It's my full week on the desk, so I have every morning off, but I haven't been able to do much with the time. Instead I'm sitting on the couch watching The View. Drinking ginger tea. I never liked ginger to begin with and now I hate it.
I've developed a real hatred for almost everything I'm supposed to eat. Ginger is supposed to settle your stomach and I think it really does but ick. I gave upon eating ginger snaps, they leave the worst taste in my mouth. I used to like whole wheat bread and now it's ick.
I had my second dream last night about telling my parents about the baby. Guess I'm pretty excited to tell them. It's been a real dilemma whether to tell them earlier by phone, because they were making plans to go to Mexico three weeks in Febuary and March. But they'll be back in the States a good 6 weeks before I'm due, so hopefully it will be fine.

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